Every year I either forget, or in the case of the past two years don’t realize I could do it as an employee.  Well, now that I’m no longer a VMware employee… at the moment :), I decided to apply and I got it.

What does it get me?  Nothing really, some cool stuff from Partners which I’m sure I’ll appreciate, but ultimately it’s about the recognition that I do in fact blog for you, the community.  Thanks everyone and commenting on the material.  I really appreciate all that you do in the industry.

Catch me on Enterprise E-mail, or DCO (eric.hammersley) if you need anything immediate.  Sadly it takes up almost all of my time now and I’m exhausted.

2 thoughts on “vExpert 2014 – Finally Applied and Got It

  1. Just wanted to say two things; Congratulations on your getting into the vExpert program, and also thank you so much for this blog and your continuing work. It’s helped me and my colleagues immensely with compliance issues in our projects, and I just wanted you to know it was appreciated, every time we open this blog and see a new post with a new info-gem.

    And GOD BLESS YOU for your work with V1R4. 🙂

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