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Eric Hammersley is a Security Architect for Nutanix, an IT Management Consultant, Enterprise Architect, Small Business Owner, and published virtualization expert living in the Washington DC area.  Over the past 20 years he has covered and worked for a multitude of Defense agencies including Office of the Secretary of Defense, Defense Information Systems Agency, Defense Threat Reduction Agency, US Navy, and Joint Staff.  He also served as the Joint Agency Senior Systems Engineer for VMware on their Federal team.

Eric has nearly two decades of industry experience as both a government employee and Defense contract engineer and architect, focusing most recently on virtualization security, cloud automation and architecture.  He is a recognized industry expert in virtualization security, DoD STIGs (ESXi), Federal data center architecture, continuity planning (COOP), data center consolidation, enterprise architecture and Common Access Cards (CAC).

His career started in high school, back when networking problems usually involved finding the missing terminator.  From there he joined the US Navy as a Fire Controlman, became Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist qualified, and served aboard the USS Elrod (FFG-55).  After leaving the US Navy, and having a taste for government service, he began what continues to be a long and dedicated period of service for the warfighter, both at home and abroad.

Please follow his blog for continued virtualization tips and tricks from the field, and follow him on Twitter @erichammersley.

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Note: This is a personal blog.  The comments and opinions expressed here are my own and not those of my employer.

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  1. I appreciate the time you’ve taken to create this website. I am in the process of implementing the ESXi STIG’s right now, and I have found your posts extremely helpful. I hope you have time to keep the words of wisdom flowing, I will be checking back often.

    • Thank you for the very kind words. Always happy to help the Navy. 🙂 Feel free to link up on DCO chat if you need anything (eric.hammersley).

  2. Eric, (asking for a colleague of mine) do you know if the current vCAC 6 version is capable of FISMA moderate AnA?

    • Hi Ken,

      Honestly, I don’t know for certain. I know that some providers, Carpathia for one, were building “GovClouds” that had the goal of FedRAMP accreditation. Since both FISMA and FedRAMP build on the 800-53 set of controls (FedRAMP adding additional controls) one could extrapolate that a FedRAMP accredited system utilizing vCAC 6 could be FISMA compliant within the same system categorization if it were pursued. Not saying they are one in the same, we all know they are not, but one does build upon the other from a consumption of controls perspective and as such if one has FedRAMP Moderate they could, speaking loosely, gain FISMA Moderate too. Serious simplification there, but you get the point.

      Now, all that being said, is Carpathia using vCAC 6 in their “GovCloud” offering? No idea. I remember they were building their base offering on the VMware stack, but the actual product usage within that architecture I’m unsure of. I can probably find a contact within VMW is you’d like to dig deeper. Just let me know.

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